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marissa cooper

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Devious Journal Entry [22 May 2007|07:00pm]

Spiderman Rocks
by ~Strange-1 on deviantART
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[27 Jan 2007|12:48am]
what up, bitches. remember when i used to log in here every day and have something interesting to say and even UPDATE and read my friends page?! yeah. i do too. runs back to greatestjournal rn, sorry. :-[
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[23 Dec 2006|07:57pm]
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.
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[10 Sep 2006|05:21am]
If any of you are alive here, comment me. :[ Miss you all terribly.
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[26 Aug 2005|02:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hi? Do any of you even remember me?

Quick update: My life is boring. My birthday is in 6 days. OOOOOH.

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[07 Jul 2005|03:13pm]
[ mood | bleh ]

Well, I never update this damn thing, but you know me, I'm not going down without a fight. I just wanted to send out a big hola to everyone on my friends list, find out how summers have been going, and everything like that.

My summer is boring as fuck and I'm going through withdrawals. I don't really talk to, well, any of you. I spend my days watching that show and what I've TiVo'd. I avoid my family and I stay up as late as possible. I sleep in as late as I fucking want. I dream of going to at least one party and getting totally drunk off my ass. That sounds like fun. Maybe then I'll be able to forget about my friends fucking each other over and a certain person getting herself knocked up. But whatever.

I need to escape.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck.

And hi Anthony. I love you. ;)

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[ mood | chipper ]

BkBad1: you have to tell adam everything
dee goes squee: excuse me?
BkBad1: adam tells me top leave you alone becaue i have been begging for sex all night
BkBad1: wtf is that about
BkBad1: thanks a lot
dee goes squee: i never said all night
dee goes squee: and adam's my friend
BkBad1: he said all night and i wasnt begging for sex and i have class wiht adam it is sort of embarresing
BkBad1: and he said u dont want to talk to me so if u dont want to takl to me we can finish the article and not talk again its up to you
BkBad1: well
BkBad1: ?
dee goes squee: well i'm sick of you and the sex thing, get over it, it's done.
BkBad1: im not fucking talking about sex
BkBad1: im talking about if u still want to talk to me the sex thing isnt a big deal\
BkBad1: he said u dont wanto to talk to me
BkBad1: are u going to answer me
dee goes squee: wow i'm not talking to just you
BkBad1: sry
BkBad1: so what do u say
dee goes squee: right now you're pissing me off.
BkBad1: why
dee goes squee: because. i'm trying to talk to ben and your window keeps blinking.
BkBad1: are u kidding me im sry
BkBad1: for interrupting ur fuckin precious time wiht ben i will leave u alone
dee goes squee: well ben's awesome
BkBad1: im sry im not awesome but itrying to find an answer and u are preoccupied but u are not to preoccupied to tell adam how i have been longing for sex all night]
dee goes squee: what are you talking about.
dee goes squee: i told adam about this when you first brought it up.
BkBad1: it was between u and me
BkBad1: who the fuck is adam
dee goes squee: ...
BkBad1: its between us
dee goes squee: my friend
BkBad1: ok but isnt only about u its not always about yo
BkBad1: yyou
dee goes squee: actually...it WAS about me.
BkBad1: no i was involoved
BkBad1: atleast u shouldnt have said my name maybe i wanted to keep this private
BkBad1: now adam is going tom open his big mouth
dee goes squee: no adam has known
BkBad1: what
dee goes squee: i told adam the very first time it was even brought up
BkBad1: why what posessed you to fucking do that\\
BkBad1: u know what after this article is done we dopnt even have to talk so lets get it done and that is it and then u can run to ben joe or adam i really dont care
BkBad1: whoever ur boytoy this week is
dee goes squee: because you freaked me the fuck out. so everyone online at that time found out about it.
BkBad1: are u serious
dee goes squee: and i don't know what the fuck you're talking about when you say boytoy of the week
dee goes squee: because i don't have boytoys
dee goes squee: and yes i'm as serious as a heart attack
BkBad1: okk we are finishing that article
BkBad1: i dont even care the sex was just for sex i just wanted it i really didnt care with who and i never tell ur personal; shit
dee goes squee: did i tell you personal shit?
BkBad1: yes
dee goes squee: like what
dee goes squee: i didn't beg you for sex.
BkBad1: i just wanted sex i told u all that crap about i treally trust u and shit but im tel;liing u im looking for a booty call and there is othe r personal shjit i can say
dee goes squee: shit you can say about me?
dee goes squee: try me.
BkBad1: its ok
BkBad1: ull find out
dee goes squee: i have six days left in this school, i could care less what you say about me
dee goes squee: go the fuck ahead
dee goes squee: who the fuck are people going to believe
BkBad1: ME finish the arrticle and we are no longer friends
BkBad1: got it'
dee goes squee: why would people believe you
dee goes squee: c'mon now
BkBad1: got it?
BkBad1: this convo is over
dee goes squee: because you can't back shit you say up
BkBad1: we'll see who people believe
dee goes squee: "ooh i'm allen and people are going to believe me"
dee goes squee: DELUSIONAL
BkBad1: just get through thisn article we ll see who the fuck is delotiosional mrs. JOE POTTS

dee goes squee: mmhmm yeah
dee goes squee: bring up joe potts why don't you
dee goes squee: you're a fucking shithead
BkBad1: .tom. we finish and that si it
BkBad1: im crying.
dee goes squee: we can't finish tomorrow asshat
dee goes squee: i don't care
BkBad1: :'(
dee goes squee: we're watching citizen kane tomorrow
dee goes squee: and i don't care
dee goes squee: cry
dee goes squee: cry me a fucking river
BkBad1: i m going to talk toms. tetor
dee goes squee: and tell her what
dee goes squee: ?
BkBad1: i dont even want ot see u or ugly face again six days is way to long
dee goes squee: wow what a sudden change of heart
dee goes squee: when you say ugly face, why don't you look in the fucking mirror
BkBad1: what are 4
BkBad1: what are u 4
dee goes squee: wow
dee goes squee: good one allen
BkBad1: and about thwe sex pussy is pussy i dont care what body it is attached to
BkBad1: you are going to be a virgin for the rest of ur life no one can keep up with ur polar moddswings
BkBad1: mood*
dee goes squee: hmm, i knew it.
dee goes squee: wow, i'm going to be a virgin for the rest of my life. wow. oh my god let me go drown myself now.
BkBad1: u should
dee goes squee: really
dee goes squee: that's wonderful
BkBad1: yea i could care less
dee goes squee: great
BkBad1: goodbye virg
dee goes squee: oh really you think i'm going to be the virgin forever
BkBad1: yes
dee goes squee: again, LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR
BkBad1: i can get pussy i was doing u a fucking favor ill go the freshmen and they will suck my dick faster than u would
dee goes squee: i didn't want to suck your dick
dee goes squee: so, they're the ones i feel sorry for
BkBad1: goobye virg like i said
dee goes squee: yeah allen, learn how to accept the truth
BkBad1: that u are a hor
BkBad1: pigro putanna
dee goes squee: i'm a WHORE?
BkBad1: yes u probabaly sucked off joe pottts
dee goes squee: oh please
dee goes squee: mature
BkBad1: ii hope u enjoyed it
dee goes squee: go right to the joe potts accusation bullshit
BkBad1: i hope u liked his cum in ur mouth'
dee goes squee: you know what, you really are a child.
BkBad1: i knowe
dee goes squee: i have a question, just a quick one
dee goes squee: i don't want to interrupt your busy life
BkBad1: shoot
dee goes squee: how can i be both a virgin and a whore?
BkBad1: you can suck dick and be a virign genis
BkBad1: genius
dee goes squee: oh so i just suck a lot of dick
dee goes squee: asshole
BkBad1: yes i am and proudm of it
BkBad1: goodnight pigro putanna
BkBad1: dont choke on joes dick
BkBad1 is away at 10:00:48 PM.
BkBad1 returned at 10:01:10 PM.

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Laughna scares grown men. [20 Apr 2005|10:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

cuteNshOrt76: Jose walked into class today and he says"im so ready to leave i got everything all ready!!.." i was like so tell her we are leaving and he said"YOU DO IT IM SCARED OF HER"
breathe on me 05: lmao
breathe on me 05: what a loser
cuteNshOrt76: yea i know

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Go Team Spooners! Sigh. I want 15 icons again. [18 Apr 2005|10:19pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I am such a bad LJ user. I don't even want to know the last time I updated. Ha, I snuck a look at Manda's journal, and it's been two weeks for her. We're so neglectful. Our poor little LJs have been lonely, itching to be written in. And since MANDA ISN'T ON (sob), I decided I shall write an entry besides do other things I should.

Sigh. I'm so bad at the update thing, I keep checking to see whether someone is logged on. It's so safe to say we've been sucked into the game and into the lives of BM/MB.

Spring has sprung and that's a b-e-a-utiful thing. Your lovely LJ writer hates winter, hates the end of fall, but enjoys the spring. I like when it's cool at night and just warm enough during the day. I like being able to go around without a jacket. Right now, it's a freakin' sauna in my bedroom, maybe because I have a comforter over my legs. Let me take a look at the temperature...82.2 degrees in here. Dear Lord. It's probably because all the lights in my room are on. I like the darkness.

Danielle wants an orange. Danielle wants an orange. Danielle wants an orange. Danielle wants an orange.

Sorry. I asked my mom to peel one for me about twenty minutes ago. She said okay, then when I saw her again ten minutes later, she said I never asked her. Silly Mommy, tricks are for kids. Let me go see if my orange has been peeled. With my luck, she did peel it. And she ate it. Sigh. No, I just went over to her room to ask, and she forgot AGAIN. She's lucky I don't feel like lifting a finger, otherwise I'd just go over to the kitchen and peel it myself.

This chica needs to lose weight for graduation, which is coming closer every day. June 11th is the big day, damn Joe Potts for telling me it was the 4th. I could destroy him just for that. That will be the extent of my mentioning Joe Potts, by the way.

I need to go do something. I think I'm just going to go to the bathroom, wash my face, and that'll be the extent of my activity for the night. I'm so lazy, godddddd. I need to TiVo some of those exercise shows or whatever, because the tapes I have annoy me.

Damn, Victoria Gotti is eating cupcakes. I want a cupcake. I want a cookie. I want a brownie.

And there's my orange. And my dad took two slices. Jerk.

I'm contemplating going to bed...well, attempting that. Or I could stay up and wait for Manda.

Oh, I found out today that the only thing that can satisfy me is sexual activity. Any takers? Heh.

Damn that orange was good.

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People...wow, how they frighten me. [11 Apr 2005|02:15am]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Okay, I'd like to know why someone on my friends of list is in, like, the same, most random communities that I happen to be in.


Sigh. I hate children.

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[05 Apr 2005|06:30am]
[ mood | rushed ]

Happy 20th Birthday, Lewie!
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WHOOOOOOOOO. [04 Apr 2005|09:53pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I am still far too happy for Manda! I mean, imagine waking up from your nap, the imprint of the cell phone embedded in your hand, then coming to the computer to read that.

I want to bake oatmeal cookies in celebration.

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[04 Apr 2005|03:38am]
[ mood | hopeful ]


I swear, once I have money, I will buy you one.

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You know you're obsessed with a certain show when... [03 Apr 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | creative ]

  • Watching episodes of said show is the only way to get you out of bed on the weekends.
  • You nearly have a panic attack when you are going to miss a rerun of said show.
  • You have copies of episodes on tape and on your computer.
  • You watch a certain college basketball game because of a certain star on said show.
  • You only read fanfiction about said show.
  • You RP a certain character on said show just so you can get him/her back together with a certain soulmate.
  • You and another person (who shall remain nameless) prepare mental essays on why certain characters should be together.
  • You have withdrawals from said show when said show's network decides to air a two-hour season premiere of Tru Calling.
  • You quote said show all the time.
  • Just thinking about said show makes you smile.
  • You TiVo everything with stars on said show.
  • As suggested by Chris: You make long posts in your livejournal about how much you enjoy said show...and then list all the ways said show affects your life.

Anything I should add?

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Seriously. Why? [31 Mar 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | emotionally drained ]

How did I get into a pentagon?

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FILL IT OUT! [28 Mar 2005|02:56am]
[ mood | semi-tired ]

am I..
- am I cute?
- am I crazy?
- am I lovable?
- am I funny?
- am I annoying?
- am I psycho?
- am I daring?
- am I a good person?

would you..
- would you hug me?
- would you miss me if i was gone?
- would you kiss me?
- would you make out with me?
- would you listen to my problems?
- would you be a good friend?
- would you be my best friend?

would you ever..
- would you ever go out with me?
- would you ever do it again if you already have?
- would you ever marry me if you could?
- would you ever talk bad about me if we ever broke up?
- would you ever make out with me in a cemetery?
- would you ever make out with me in the rain?
- would you ever snuggle with me?

if you could..
- if you could give me a new name, it would be?
- if you could do one thing with me, it would be?
- if you could give me a piece of advice, it would be?
- if you could kidnap me for a day, where would we go?

just a few questions..
- what do you love about me?
- what do you hate about me?
- what is my best quality?
- if you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
- what is your honest opinion about me?
- what would you do if i sang out of tune?
- what song reminds you of me?
- do i remind you of any characters on tv?
- have you ever had a dream about me?
- do you think i'm a virgin?
- if you just met me, how old would you guess i am?
- am i huggable?
- if you could give me anything, what would it be?
- if you could promise me anything, what would it be?

- am i ugly, average, decent, good looking, beautiful, ect.?
- if you could describe me in one word, what would that word be?
- when we first met, what were your thoughts?
- if you had to describe to someone who i am and what i am like, what would you tell them?
- what are my faults?
- what are my strengths?
- do you wish we were closer?
- why aren't we closer?

And good night.

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Best thing heard at Easter dinner... [27 Mar 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Samantha: Ummmmm, how come everyone got a better cup than me?

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"Travolta's your bitch." [25 Mar 2005|06:37pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

I was told to update, so I will.

Yeah. Nothing's been going on, nothing remotely interesting. The OC remains my ultimate obsession, there's a new episode of Desperate Housewives on Sunday night, and RPing is God.

I'm worried about this whole internet thing. Apparently we're getting shut off soon, which makes me want to cry. And school blocks...everything. I'm going to have to head to the public library to update probably, which sucks. But what can you do? If anything, I'll just give Manda my password for GJ.

I got the official notification that there are ten days left on my paid account. ROLLAND. Use some of that money you're saving up, like, oh, $5 of it, and extend it for another two months. See how I just pinpoint a certain person to do it? I'm going to cry when all these icons are gone. I should just extend my own account, but since my dad has access to all my credit card activity... Grr.

God, why is no one on tonight? Does everyone out there have a life but me? Oh well. I'm special. I'm just going to stay in and watch my favorite show on this computer. Remind me when I get a laptop to get one with at least 100 GB. Because this 11 GB thing is killing me! I deleted all my music off the computer so I could download The OC. ALL MY SONGS ARE GONE.

So leave me suggestions of songs to download too.

My dumb sister just accused me of stealing her clock because I was laughing at her. What a loser.

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I love how I make an entry just for that little bitch Antonio and he doesn't comment. [18 Mar 2005|07:19pm]
[ mood | content ]


Newspapers and electronic news media constantly report on the activities of local, regional, national, and international leaders. Choose a leader who has recently been in the news and evaluate this leader in light of your own experiences and observations.

Who do I do it on? Suggestions. Please. I'll bake you metaphorical brownies. (Or if I know you personally, I'll bake you real brownies. And they'll taste delicious.)

For MandaCollapse )

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Squee. [17 Mar 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | giddy ]


Okay. I'm going to edit this entry in a few hours. I just needed to get that out now. =D

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